Haute Cuisine à la Alley and Inner City Aliens

Like the supermoon, this feast was 14% bigger than normal and gave you licence to go crazy.

Riesling and pear Popsicles on deck.


Adorable but not for the kiddies.

The rest of the food was gone too fast for photos.

If we have a totem animal, it’s probably Divine. If we have a totem sandwich, it’s probably the bánh mì. In this gourmet train wreck, Vietnamese flavors inform Western fare that can range from sardines to foie gras. Our bánh mì were haphazard towers of roasted pork, chicken liver pate, pickled radishes and watermelon rind, sciracha mayo. All stacked high on Clear Flour Bakery baguettes that were delivered via bicycle 10 minutes before.  Random and delicious.

How serious is this circus? As serious as homemade duck confit. Who even poaches duck legs in the oven for four hours to render out the fat anymore (let alone in 80 degree weather)? The same clowns who will crisp wontons into nachos to top with harvati and said confit.

We’re only playfully pretentious. Exhibit D: Farm-stand mizuna salad, topped with roasted golden beets. A peanut-sesame dressing that has the contents of a fridge for a recipe, its flavors tied together by the sweetest of small batch honey…from Detroit.

Speaking of unlikely sweetness popping up where you would expect to find gangs, cheers to Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block for being a great alleyway monster movie.

Photo Credit: Screen Gems

Brush up on your South London slang.

Kick back with Riesling Popsicles or some box wine -or both. And after the credits roll on the alley wall, help us keep going by coming back. Because every circus needs its stands filled.


This stock photo was brought to you courtesy of banksbanksbanks.com, as well as my exposure to far too many nightmare-fodder clown stock photos.


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