Rain Day Deviations

There were as many unpromising descriptions for the forecast (ominous, murky, and storm-strewn come to mind) as there were clouds Sunday morning.

We’re not ones for strictly following recipes, anyway.


Insert flimsy excuse to post picture of panchetta-wrapped and cocoa dusted kangaroo loin from another dinner here.

While the projector and the Christmas lights languished in the alley, the circus hit the road. All the way to the birthplace of Flutternutter.


Also known as “I can’t make it, there’s no T-stop.”

Dinner was served picnic style among the flowers.

Instead of diabetes sandwiches, the cozy crowd dined on Moroccan fare. Talk about spices! Merguez are a type of petite lamb sausage that packs a flavorful punch. Tofu, made right in Jamaica Plain, got marinated in a Middle Eastern blend of 15 spices and broiled from bland to succulent. Served with a roasted pepper and eggplant stew, along with mint-zucchini rice.


A trend of unrelated pictures. Here’s last week’s Chorizo and Kale Tacos, paired with Steve Coogan’s movie The Trip.

As for the show, the Gustatory Gypsy’s parlor was open for Tarot readings. And there was a little poetry on hajj and heartbreak as a nod to Ramadan.

Also, of course it didn’t rain.

On a parting note, here’s a short that was screened à la laptop over the washed dishes and some great rosé. David Foster Wallace, author of Infinite Jest, gave this commencement speech at Kenyon College a few years before his suicide.

Makes you feel bad for Harvard because they had to settle for Oprah.

Read Wallace’s essays in This Is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life. Unlike Infinite Jest, you’ll actually finish it in less than six months. Till next Sunday!


An abs-solutely amazing feast and show await you!



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