Just Awesome

First things first: our awesomeness has been recognized.

It hasn’t been about showing a raunchy Divine film without warning, or Mexican tortas that put other sandwiches to shame. This circus is all about you.


It’s about everyone who hauled dishes down those dark, deathtrap stairs. Anyone who took blurry Iphone photos. The suppliers of the wine while we appreciated Y.K.’s Kim’s acting.

We’ve been quiet but still cooking. Here’s some feasts you might have missed out on. We keep prying apart the bars to the cages holding your taste buds, so that flavors can run amok in your mouth.

Succulent lamb and camel balls, almost touching -hold your jokes please!

Camel meatballs


Snake sushi


Cocoa-dusted kangaroo


Braised goat gams.

We’re piecing together those morsels of sublime togetherness. We need your ideas, your help, your energy. Email thefeastshow.gmail.com to get updates and learn more about what we’re about.


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