So glad it’s trash day

On Sundays this…


transforms into this.


It’s as easy as letting the ingredients plan the menu.

Thanks to John Crow, Henwyn, and Grassroots Farms, we kicked off Belly with braised pork belly.

Veggies on hand from Stillman Farm and Dick’s Market Garden went into top-notch salad.

And a concoction of vinegar, habanero, and ginger produced pickled Atlas Farm radishes.  It’s not just the heat. Those are tears of joy streaming down your face, friend.

And to top it off, kung-fu on the big screen.

Good people. Good food. Good times.


Bring Your Belly. We’ll Bring the Feast

We haven’t been trained in a culinary school. We have no shining kitchen, just an alleyway. Our philosophy is one of irreverence to an exclusionary restaurant culture.

But our blasphemy is a celebration of food: a comedic nod to the traditions we grew up with, the trends that make up the food scene, and our culinary heroes.

We have a commitment to using as many local ingredients as possible and bringing to you a unique and thrilling experience.

It’s more than just dinner and a movie, Belly is an interactive experience whose whole is greater than its ingredients.

Want to help? Have ideas? Anyone can come cook with us, or just enjoy the show!


logo credit Chloe Cunha